The CaLL

Draw near
Place before Me
Your vulnerability and regret
Your wholeness and gratitude
Stand in My presence
With outstretched hands
Offer Me your heart

Do You not recognize the companion of Your soul?
From every stranger, neighbor, friend and lover
I summon,
In every dawn and dusk
I reveal,
In every breath
I call

Return to
The garden
The mountain
The sanctuary
The body
The heart
The makom-place
where You will find me waiting

I CaLL to You, with a small “a-aleph
To remind You that I am,
That We are One
In all things

Raise Your body to the heavens
Stretch Your fingers to the skies
Wave Your offering to the universe;
But look to Your palms
And discover:
I have sacrificed for You
My heart

“AND THE LORD CaLLED TO MOSES….” (Leviticus 1:1)

 Rabbi Craig Scheff
Vayikra 5778

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7 responses to “The CaLL”

  1. Joel "Scott" Strauss says :


  2. nesor3 says :

    Thank you! Todah!
    This came to me at just the right time

  3. nesor3 says :

    Thank you! Todah!
    This came to me at just the right time.
    Barbara G.R.

  4. eileen rogers says :

    You have touched my heart. Thank you.luv Eileen Rogers

  5. CHaRLES YaSSKY says :

    Yasher Koach. Poetry, Music and Art are expressions of the soul.

  6. Cat Cantor says :

    As we approach Pesach, thank-you so much for these beautiful and inspiring words.

  7. Penny Grossman says :

    Although 3,000 miles away, touching words like these enhance my
    connection to the OJC community. Thank you!

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