2017 Mitzvah Mission Day 2 – A Keeper

There are many meanings to the word “shomer,” depending on its context. Guard, observer, and watchman are just a few uses of the word.

Today we served as shomrim in almost every sense of the word. The word “keepers” probably best captures our role today. Most of us were on the beach by 7am, running or walking on the Tayelet, exercising the mitzvah of shmirat ha-guf, or keepers of our bodies. On the bus ride southward, we sang the morning service together, meditating on the mitzvah of shmirat ha-nefesh, keeping of the spirit. As we sang the words to “Shomer Yisrael,” Guardian of Israel, we didn’t appreciate in the moment what those words would come to mean by the end of the day.

On a farm called Amatziya in the Lachish region, across a valley from the city of Hebron, we met the young men of Hashomer Hachadash (“The New Guard”), who shared with us their experiences as watchmen for Israel’s farmers. Protecting farmlands from intruders who might burn their crops and kill their livestock, the Shomrim spend a year of national service learning leadership skills, volunteering on the farms, and serving as nighttime deterrents for those who might consider intruding. Hashomer Hachadash has also engaged thousands of volunteers with the Zionist dream and Israel’s rich historical connection to the land through educational programs and opportunities to work the land with their own hands.

Under Amir the farmer’s direction, we spent the day working in a vineyard, fulfilling the mitzvah of shmirat ha-adamah, keeping the land, clearing the overgrowth and making room for the grapes that will grow in the year ahead. Of course, we had plenty of opportunities to pluck the sweet grapes right from the vine to snack on through the day.

By the end of the day, we had become the keepers of the land and the keepers of the dream. Best of all, as we departed, we took with us the charge of being each other’s keepers.

This day was definitely a keeper! Tomorrow morning we are on to Ahava!

Laila tov,

Rabbi Craig Scheff

2 responses to “2017 Mitzvah Mission Day 2 – A Keeper”

  1. Rhoda Pochter says :

    How bute-ti-full !! And all dappled in sunlight.

  2. Joan and Don Sacarob says :

    AS the parents of Suzy Merin we couln’d be more proud. She grow up that way and became far better then the teachers. Have heard so much about this adventure. We consider ourselves keepers and only wish we were there with you all. May you go forth from strength to strength……..Kisses to our wonder woman!!!!

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